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karolina pietraszewska placzki
social media specialist

Individual approach



I treat each project with due respect - I don't work in a cookie-cutter manner.

I individually evaluate each project and do not take on every one that comes my way. My motto is: "If I have to do something half-heartedly, I'd rather not do it at all." I am creative, so besides enjoying the freedom to run a business my own way, I am also capable of adapting to guidelines and not stubbornly insisting on my own approach.

Experience has taught me that it doesn't hurt to try. If you already have a concept for your social media or corporate colors, I would be happy to learn about them, and if I feel that we are on the same wavelength, it's a perfect match!

I definitely focus on communication - interactions, stories, video reels - that's my specialty.

How to master chaos?!

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social media specialist

WWW - website


Need a visually appealing and interesting website


from 1500 pln



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social media specialist
social media specialist

Instagram/ Facebook/ TikTok/LinkedIn




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Graphicslogo/personal branding


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Client`s opinions

social media specialist

Visionary, creativity, and dedication. That's how I would describe working with Karolina. She is a woman of many talents. Gifted and relational. A perfectionist in the positive sense of the word. Quick, efficient, and always on time. With a delicate sense and sensitivity to beauty.





Certified coach

social media specialist

The photoshoot went smoothly and in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. During the session, there was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, full of humor and professionalism. Karolina skillfully selected the appropriate clothing shades. Her great approach contributed to the success and resulted in amazing photos.




Business trainings

social media specialist

Karolina is an excellent specialist with impeccable taste and a deep understanding of her field. She has been extremely helpful to me in building my brand, providing color analysis, and guiding me through the world of social media. She is a true creator!






An artistic soul, sensitive to beauty, with a high sense of aesthetics. Since a young age, I have been creating everything that can be done manually - sewing, painting, weaving, knitting, and combining techniques. I have a highly creative mind and I learn quickly. I only take on work that allows me to create. I specialize in crafting online and offline image, collaborating with fashion companies in creating stylizations, working with premium brands in the cosmetics industry, designing artistic jewelry, creating mood boards and clothing projects, and accompanying women who feel lost in the fashion world on their shopping journeys. I have been managing social media for 9 years, primarily in the aesthetic industries.


+48 517 110 948





social media specialist


I help businesses spread their wings on social media.


About me

sociel media specialist
media spolecznosciowe



Creativity has always been with me. If you're looking for someone to create boring social media, I'm not the right person for you!

media spolecznosciowe



I am thorough and responsible, I strive to perform assigned tasks with the utmost precision

social media specialist



Everything I do is meant to be at 200%. That's why it's important to establish absolutely all the details before I start working with you

Areas of operation



For years, I have been passionate about fashion, constantly creating styling sets, assisting in the shopping process in terms of selecting styles and colors, and managing social media in the fashion and web design industry. Creativity is my forte.



Personal development, training, mentoring - these are the areas in which I work with clients, and they also apply to myself as I am a trainer and many of my collaborations revolve around this industry.



I have 20 years of experience in this industry. I would say that nothing related to cosmetics is unfamiliar to me :) It is one of the professions I have been doing the longest. However, I have left the work in the salon in favor of the never-ending job in social media ;)

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social media specialist


BJU Karolina Pietraszewska


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social media specialist